Balittro was present at the national farmer network inauguration event which was held in Balithi, Cipanas, Cianjur, West Java. A total of 64 Regional Commissariats (KOMDA) of the National Agricultural Network (JPN) were inaugurated by the Indonesian Minister of Agriculture Syahrul Yasin Limpo, including KOMDA Serang City and Kab. Attack. The inauguration event was coupled with the 2021 Ornamental Plant Technology Innovation Expose activity which was attended by Echelon I ranks of the Ministry of Agriculture. The event took place in a hybrid manner which was followed online by KOMDA outside West Java, Banten, and DKI.

The Minister of Agriculture in his direction invited all attendees to be grateful for encouraging the formation of JPN which is expected to be the best communicator, and to realize the concept of agriculture nationally, regionally and locally. Furthermore, the Minister of Agriculture said that agriculture must remain in one frame, agriculture cannot be managed by one person, or only managed by the government or only by the ranks of the Ministry of Agriculture, but agriculture must be connected to one another. “For that, the community needs national infrastructure, so that the rhythm of their work can be the same, like a symphony so that it sounds beautiful,” explained the Minister of Agriculture.

It was further stated that JPN as agricultural infrastructure became the strength of the community who became the eyes, mouths and feet of the people who were connected through existing KOMDAs. The main task of JPN is to find out the hopes and needs of the community, as well as to solve existing problems. KOMDA is expected to make agriculture up grade.
The Minister of Agriculture said that JPN consists of modern millennials with an average age category of 40 years and under who play a role in realizing a great and cool agriculture. For that, one of the requirements for JPN is the use of gadgets.

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